Beating the Heat the Natural Way (though of Course One Could Still Read a Chilling Story)

Full disclosure:  I was born in the South and, even if living farther north, we visited relations in Florida, Alabama, etc., every summer.  Yes, summer.  And those were the days when home air conditioning was still a rarity.  Then one more factoid, I don’t use air conditioning in my house — don’t like it that much — although in past summers when heat got high, I’ve once oro-compressed-73e5b1df12f879d91559c5508f71d711 twice made note here on movies to watch to help think cool thoughts at night.

One example, perhaps, is SNOWPIERCER, about a mutiny on a train that travels endlessly around a future, frozen Earth (the result of a panicky last-hour reaction to global warming involving, as I recall, putting chaff in orbit for shade from the sun).  But while some of the effects are neat, the movie when everything is considered is kind of dopey — still worth a watch if it gets on TV, but. . . .  For others, scroll down to June 29 2012 (itself a rerun from the previous summer, posted July 12 2011) for “Frigid Films for those 90-Degree Nights,” an international triple-header review of FREEZE ME, L’ICEBERG, and THE HOLY MOUNTAIN (including, for classic science fiction fans, an extra mention of WOMAN IN THE MOON).

For those who might still need more, however, for blood to run cold, as a change of pace I’ve just run across a practical piece by Lori White on UPWORTHY.COM, “Top 5 Signs Your Ancestors Were Geniuses at Beating the Heat,” for which press here.  Although this year(more full disclosure) we’ve actually had a fairly cool summer where I am, thus far.

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