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Horror is always game for a life; no bone is left unturned, no body ignored in the haunt for a good joke.  In the pages that follow, punishments are meted out in inventive fashion, a his-and-hearse mix of stories utterly in tomb with each other.  Language, it seems, is truly the Devil’s plaything, and why should he have all the good jokes?  After all, are we not all entitled to carrion laughing?  In the end, dying is awfully good at raising the spirits and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Thus another book from the UK and this one a long, long time in coming, but late Monday the word came from Editor PUNbookOFhorrorTheresa Derwin that TERROR TREE PUN BOOK OF HORROR (cf. January 27 2015, March 8 2014, et probably al.) has been published in print, with an ebook version to go live, hopefully, by the end of July.  Other changes are also afoot, with Teresa stepping back somewhat from publishing, though not entirely, including Steve Shaw taking over the ownership of Knight Watch Press.

But getting back to the book at hand, my tale is one of zombies and the running of the bulls at Pamplona, Spain,* titled “Olé Bubba and the Forty Steves” and originally published in 2005 in Yard Dog Press’s INTERNATIONAL HOUSE OF BUBBAS.  For more, check out its entry on Amazon (including the opening quote, above) by clicking here.

*In one of those kinds of coincidences that couldn’t possibly be planned, Monday was also the opening of this year’s Festival of San Fermin in Pamplona, with this morning marking the beginning of the eight days of “Running of the Bulls” ending July 14.  For those good with Spanish, to get more from the (as it were) horse’s mouth, check here.


Holiday fireworks having ended (or at least so hopes the cave cat Wednesday, though to her credit she bore up well over the weekend noise), the mundane bits of the writing business begin for July.  Thus lateish Sunday I received and sent back the contract from Jack of No Trades Productions for three poems to be published in NOTHING’S SACRED VOL. 3 (see June 24).  The poems in question include two on vampires, “The Vampire’s Excuse” and “The Vampiress Reflects,” and a “horrorku” concerning graveyards, “Necropolis.”

And then today, Monday, an email came from Flame Tree Publishing Editor Gillian Whitaker noting that “[w]e’re just finalizing the author biographies” and requesting a confirmation of where and when my story to be in CHILLING GHOST SHORT STORIES (see June 21) was first published.  The story in this case is “Victorians,” originally in the anthology GOTHIC GHOSTS from Tor Books in 1997.

If everything else continues on time, CHILLING GHOST SHORT STORIES should be out in the UK on August 15, while NOTHING’S SACRED is scheduled for an October release.

As I write this, the SyFy Channel is running its 4th of July THE TWILIGHT ZONE marathon special on TV.  So what better time to have run across an interview by Robin Dover on Terry M. West’s HALLOWEEN FOREVERMORE, via the HWA on Facebook, of Rod Serling’s daughter Anne?  To let Robin introduce it himself:  “I’m extremely humbled and deeply honored for the opportunity to twilightinterview Anne Serling.  I was touched that she agreed to talk with me about her life, about her family and especially about her father, Rod Serling.  I found from reading her book, AS I KNEW HIM, MY DAD, ROD SERLING, Anne intimately incorporates her personal life experience encompassing the limitless depths of her memories, imagination and creative expression and pulls the reader in, holding them with honesty and enthusiasm.  They inevitably emerge transformed.  There is something about knowing you are being shown images that have existed for a person’s entire life.  Personal images, sounds and memories from a person’s private past that remains an important part of their present — and always will.”

To read it, press here — and a happy 4th of July weekend, again, to all.  And, for a complete run down of THE TWILIGHT ZONE, with episode lists, reviews, and more, check here.


A happy holiday weekend to all!

This is something I just came across which is kind of cool. To quote compiler Dennis Green of BUSINESS INSIDER, via Anna Gigi James in TROVE: INTERIOR DESIGN/ARCHITECTURE LOVE:  “The World Architecture Festival — held this year in Singapore — won’t name 2015’s Building of the Year until November, but the nominations are officially in.

“With 338 buildings in the running, we combed through the contenders and made our own shortlist. From a ribbon-inspir5-broadgate-by-make-architects-london-uked wedding chapel in Hiroshima to Zaha Hadid’s £240 million London Aquatics Centre, these are the 27 buildings that really jumped out and caught our eye.

“Scrolling through these hotels, schools, office buildings, and more, you’ll see plenty of dramatic slopes, sharp corners, and swooping curves.  Oh, and glass. Lots and lots of glass.”

And so, perhaps to inspire a properly futuristic setting for that next science fiction story, or just for its own sake, herewith “27 of the Coolest New Buildings on the Planet,” displayed for you right here.

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