Poetry, Prose, Snacks Part of Writers Guild Potluck Social

Just as the summer is starting to get warm, today brought the Bloomington Writers Guild’s (cf. May 31, et al.) annual summer “Potluck Social & Open Mic,” along with the announcement that next Sunday will bring the start of the “new” season with August’s opening “First Sunday” prose reading. And so the world turns.  The snacks part of the summer potluck included rolled sandwiches, hot baked beans, two kinds of potato salad, dolmades, cake, apple slices, melon and berries, and several choices of soft drinks, of which latter my offering of cold lemonade proved an early favorite.

Then came the readings with prose — fiction and essay — as well as poetry from possibly ten or a dozen participants.  Mine in the mix was poetry (since I’ll have to have some prose to read next week, plus more for an upcoming Arts Fair reading the first weekend in September), two relatively new, or at least thus far unsold vampire poems, “The Etiquette Vampire:  How to Retain One’s Lover After that First Penetration of Fangs” and “Her First Time”; “Necropolis,” a three-line shortie concerning the relative lack of noise complaints in graveyards, recently accepted by NOTHING’S SACRED (see July 6, June 24); and a personal favorite, “On the Other Hand,” a tip of the hat to actress Fay Wray and why her romance with King Kong couldn’t last, hopefully soon to appear in GRIEVOUS ANGEL (see March 30, et al.).


  1. What a lovely repast for a bit of lighter dark entertainment from you, Jim! Wish I could have been there. 🙂

  2. Marge, thanks. Another poet, when she stood up to read, noted (claimed?) that she had seen several crows on a limb of a nearby and very old oak tree when I had been reading. Extra audience? ; )=

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