Visions of the Future? — Or, Just Because It’s Cool

This is something I just came across which is kind of cool. To quote compiler Dennis Green of BUSINESS INSIDER, via Anna Gigi James in TROVE: INTERIOR DESIGN/ARCHITECTURE LOVE:  “The World Architecture Festival — held this year in Singapore — won’t name 2015’s Building of the Year until November, but the nominations are officially in.

“With 338 buildings in the running, we combed through the contenders and made our own shortlist. From a ribbon-inspir5-broadgate-by-make-architects-london-uked wedding chapel in Hiroshima to Zaha Hadid’s £240 million London Aquatics Centre, these are the 27 buildings that really jumped out and caught our eye.

“Scrolling through these hotels, schools, office buildings, and more, you’ll see plenty of dramatic slopes, sharp corners, and swooping curves.  Oh, and glass. Lots and lots of glass.”

And so, perhaps to inspire a properly futuristic setting for that next science fiction story, or just for its own sake, herewith “27 of the Coolest New Buildings on the Planet,” displayed for you right here.

  1. Where’s the new Dali Museum in St. Petersburg FL? That sure belongs among these others!

  2. I just looked at some pictures of the Dali Museum and it is impressive, but it also said it opened in January 2011, so it might not be eligible (that is, if they do this sort of thing every year, its year might have been 2012).

  3. Thanks for checking on that, Jim. Who knows if it will be acknowledged. I think it should, having been there and seen it and toured the inside (thought that was less impressive and had some problems I won’t go into.

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