Reviewers, Others: The Tears of Isis Available on NetGallery to End of July Only

“Do you love to discover new books?  Do you review and recommend books online, in print, for your bookstore, library patrons, blog readers, or classroom?  Then you are what we call a ‘professional reader,’ and NetGalley is for you.  Registration is free, and allows you to request or be invited to read titles, often advance reading copies, on your favorite device.”

Does this describe you?  If so, to continue their description, “NetGalley is a service to promote titles to professional readers 9780988748842_p0_v2_s260x420of influence.  If you are a reviewer, blogger, journalist, librarian, bookseller, educator, or in the media, you can use NetGalley for FREE to request, read and provide feedback about forthcoming titles.  Your feedback and recommendations are essential to publishers and readers alike.”

Thus in today’s email, Max Booth III and Lori Michelle of Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing have announced the availability of THE TEARS OF ISIS, my (ahem!) Bram Stoker Award® nominated fiction collection, on NetGallery for reviewers until the end of the month of July.  Which brings the point that, should you have sort of thought maybe you might want to read THE TEARS OF ISIS (that is, of the Egyptian goddess, no relation to recent Mid-Eastern geo-politics) yourself sometime, to see what the buzz is about and all that and maybe add to it, now would be a good time!  As noted above, registration is free.

If interested, curious, just hankering for something to do on a lazy summer afternoon, more on NetGallery (including registration, should one desire) can be found here.  Or for inspiration, to see what some other reviewers have said about THE TEARS OF ISIS before, one can also press here.


  1. TEARS of ISIS is definitely a gem, a keeper. I’m not parting with my copy!

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