One Municipal, Two Vamp Poems Taken by Nothing’s Sacred

The first word of this came from the HWA’s Facebook page, via Editor-in-Chief Nathon Allen Balka:  “Submissions are still being taken for NOTHING’S SACRED Vol. 3 (due out October 2015).  However, with the number of short stories received, our primary focus is shifting to the other categories listed.”  I checked out the details and they looked inviting, poetry in particular (an “other category listed”) paying $10.00 each, so, going to the poem vault, I exhumed five thus far unpublished ones.  And so, off they went.

Lateish Tuesday, exactly one week after, the word came back.  “After reviewing the five samples, it was decided that there are three that we would enjoy using in the upcoming NOTHING’S SACRED Vol. 3.  Those are:  The Vampire’s Excuse, The Vampiress Reflects, and Necropolis.”

Contract, etc., will come in a few weeks and, if all goes well, the issue itself should be out just in time for Halloween!


  1. Congrats again, Jim! Wonderful opportunity to make $30 and I’ll bet it is a super publicaiton!

  2. Marge, thanks! It is new and I’m looking forward to seeing it. And, since the editor seems to like my “vampire etiquette” poems, we may be getting in touch again!

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