The 25 Creepiest Movie Posters Ever

This needs little introduction, discovered on the internet via SHORTLIST.COM.  Any favorites?

(No guarantees, though, that the movies will be all that good.)


  1. Among my choices, “Excision” and “Sinister” — but some others were pretty brutal!! What were your choices, Jim? Anyone?

  2. Yes, what do others think too? I rather liked “House of Wax,” also “Sinister” and, just for the neat machinery (though I dislike the movie series) “Saw IV.” I also sort of liked “The Broken,” but is the actress’s name really HEADey? But then . . . after checking out more than the covers, I’ve ordered “Excision” and “The Bay” (though I didn’t care for The Bay’s poster that much).

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