Dystopian Hydra Gives “Thumbs Up” to Invisible People

“What is your take on a dystopian world?  Is it a police state?  Do people live in fear of an outside force?  Or is it an inner source they are scared or?”  Such was the call last autumn by Hydra Publications and, today, Editor Frank Hall answered with an acceptance of a reprint story from me, “Invisible People,” for the upcoming anthology DYSTOPIAN HYDRA.

“Invisible People” was first published in the Winter 1992-93 edition of DARK INFINITY, and has also been noted in these pages as appearing in WE WALK INVISIBLE (Chupa Cabra House, 2013; cf. February 9 2014, et al.).  It is the tale of a man who . . . we2ae02e6ff992b2e0837892af56eaaa41ll . . . becomes invisible.  So, you know, like panhandlers and homeless people, etc., become so ignored they end up kind of invisible too, but in a society that really encourages it — that is, even more than we do now.  And so, what happens when an ordinarily law-abiding worker-bee type suddenly loses his job?

One will just have to see for oneself, with more information reported here when it becomes known.  For now let suffice from this afternoon’s announcement, “[i]n no particular order the final titles in the anthology and their authors:


“Friendling – Gregory Norris

When the Wind Blows – Pam Farley

Fit to Rule – Stephanie Neilan

Republic of Masks – Josh Brown

The Unnaturals – Michael J. Epstien

The Unbinding – Maureen Neal

Data  Crabs – Deborah Walker

Fudgesickles – Brick Marlin

Surrender – Bob Brown

Twenty-one Seconds – Ian Neack

Greater Good – Jeff Provine

Scarecrow Scarecrow on the hill – Tracy Fahey

Invisible People – James S Dorr

Jotnar – D. R. Acula

The First Price – Benjamin Sperduto

An Unfettered Life – C Bryan Brown

Running with the Devil – Peter Welmerink

Cohort 17 – Val Muller

Finding Chindera – Dave Creek

Public Hating – Nigel Sellers”


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