Ekphrasis II Presentation Reviewed

Saturday’s Poetry/Art presentation at the Venue (cf. May 26, 23) has been reviewed, and may be seen by those who desire by pressing here.  It’s an “art-centric” review though, if one will, the concentration being on the four paintings and one drawing commented on by the poets, and much, much less on the poetry.  Indeed the poets aren’t even named, with one exception, that being . . . moi.  And even that a bit indirectly as the reviewer gives a personal reaction to the artwork, the drawing of masks, along with the artist’s explanation, then glosses my poem rather swiftly and vaguely, but adds a photo of “Animal Eyes” along with the drawing “Hangers On” (copies of the poems had been made for the exhibition, posted below or next to the paintings they illustrated) and, thus, bylines me as that artifact’s “artist.”  But one added irony, nowhere on the blog that features the review does the reviewer give his/her name either, so one must conclude that with the sole (and perhaps accidental) exception of me, those of us working with the written word are but part of the background.


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