The Old and the New: Reel Dark and a Blast from the Past

Two little oddities, the first with a touch of mystery as well.  The first an email Monday to the effect that someone had tagged me on Facebook so, as is my wont, I plunked the magic twanger and went there to find out.  Lo, it was a book cover photo from Lee Zumpe for something called DUST DEVIL which contained two poems that he’d written, but also apparently something from me too.

The trouble is, I did not remember a book or magazine called DUST DEVIL.  Could this be something I’d submitted to under some other title, that changed it to DUST DEVIL before it published?  Such things sometimes happen.  But then wouldn’t 11054452_1102277646454878_8694995565566661825_nit have said something like that in its acceptance letter?  And I did not remember an acceptance letter, not to mention receiving a copy of the book myself.

I could have messaged Lee about it, asking for details, but also I tend to keep fairly good records and, lo, there it was — but published in October 2002!  Nearly 13 years ago.  But now, with the date, I found the copy on my “trophy shelf” (a rather varied and unkempt collection spanning three bookcases — not easy to search without some kind of hint).  I had one poem in it called “Crows,” a subject I’ve written other poems on too, and, yes, there it was!  Lee’s poems were there as well, titled “Mount Moldoveanu” and “Winter Wait.”

And then for the new, this today from Sean Taylor, is actually an extended blurb from Editor L. Andrew Cooper of REEL DARK (cf May 10, 4, et al.), but it mentions my name — and anyway it has more information than I’ve given below, as well its own link to Amazon.  I’ve read most of the first part (of three) of the book myself by now and, if I may say so, I think it’s a good one, especially if you enjoy getting some of your horror at the movies.  So, if so, check here.

My tale there, by the way, is called “Marcie and Her Sisters.”


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