A Deer Sign of Summer (with a Small Lagniappe), Plus the Low-Down on Bambi ; Art and Poetry

clouded mid-May day
Bambi’s Mom is back again — 
who’s for venison?

Yes, summer is here, as marked by the annual return of one of the local deer herd, collectively known as “Bambi’s Mom,” to the salad bar that is my front yard.  One notes this is a mere week after Mother’s Day.  Nevertheless, as the spotting was made this morning when I had had plans to use my front walk to carry the recycling down to the curb, it did pose a potential problem — the bucolic beasts have been known to kill pets locally* and they do have sharp, powerful hooves.  In this case, though, loudly shaking the bin of cans and bottles was enough to drive B. M. to the neighbor’s yard.

But what a coincidence!  Only Friday, courtesy of TOR.COM, what should I run across but an article by Mari Ness, “The Disney Read-Watch:  Felix Salten’s Bambi:  A Life in the Woods,” on the book that the iconic Disney movie was based on** — and which one may read for one’s-self right here.  Not to mention that Bambi’s Mom also inspired the above short poem (a close variant, admittedly, on a poem I wrote on a similar occasion about two years back, cf. April 14 2013).

Another, less animalistic start to the summer season occurred Saturday evening with local art gallery The Venue presenting THE ART OF POETRY / THE POETRY OF ART.  This was the result of an invitation to ten local poets to choose one of a group of paintings by local artists to use to inspire a poem.  Thus the poem would be read, with perhaps some others, and with an explanation of how it fit the painting, followed by the artist’s explanation of his or her inspiration for the work.  So yesterday brought a first group of five, the second group of which will be next week, for an interesting and pleasant two hours.  Then next Saturday will bring the second group, of which (ahem) I will be a member, more on which next week.


*Not the cave cat Wednesday, however, who due in part to a heavily trafficked road in front of the house is strictly an indoor cat.

**Not only that, in a second, and delightfully cynically tongue-in-cheek piece, Ness takes on Pinocchio, which can be read by pressing here.


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