Alternate History: A Portrait of a Regency Lady?

Friday, if all goes well, I should be on a panel on “Just the Facts, Monster:  How to Dig Deeper than the Internet for Accurate Storytelling,” about which I recall reading long, long ago, in an article by the producers of some TV miniseries or other, that it is the little details that matter.  That’s where you’re in danger of getting “caught” because, in the world of readers or viewers, there’ll always be someone who knows more than you.  But if you get them right, you’ll earn the trust of not only experts but regular readers as well, which allows you to push through the Big Lie that is your actual story — we are, after all, still writing fiction — with even the most jaded of them scarcely noticing.

Because, in context, it’s the small details that become big, like women’s fashions.  Or how to hold a fan.  So along these lines, herewith a piece by Kathleen Baldwin I thought illuminating, brought to us courtesy of TOR.COM, “A Young Lady’s Time Travel Guide to Regency England” for which (even if you’re not writing a story about Regency England) press here.


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