Tales Within Tales: Dead Lines, Casket Girls in Daily SF Archives; the Vampiress’s Fifteen Sexiest Sisters

I don’t think DAILY SCIENCE FICTION even has the one week wait any more to add stories into their archives, but whether they do or not, here is the New Orleans mystery-horror story “Dead Lines” (see April 21, et al.) permanent address.  Does the lady Lo know anything more than she Deborah-Ann-Woll-trueblood-vampireprofesses, or is it just that she’s a bit scatterbrained at times?  And is the first thing she says in the story really purloined from Edgar Allan Poe?

Well, for the second, you might need to check out the “author story comments” by plunking the link at the end of the story, but it’s all there now — as well as another button at the end of the comments paragraph that can take you to “Casket Girls” (cf. April 17 2014, et al.), last spring’s tale of Aimée and her voyage from France that started it all.

And then, just for fun, our New Orleanians not being the world’s only bloodsucking women, for those of us who are partial to lists please to peruse, courtesy of HORRORNEWS.NET, the “Top 15 Hottest Sexiest Female Vampires” by pressing here.


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