Poetry, Research, Autographs, Urban Fantasy, a Sunday Reading: World Horror Convention Programming Announced

I don’t know if this is quite carved in stone yet, but there is a schedule now for panels and other intellectual goodies at next month’s World Horror Convention in Atlanta GA.  For me, I’m on two official panels and also expect to be part of Linda Addison’s Thursday night informal Poetry Open Mike reading.  A warning, however, one of my panels is at 9 a.m. and I also have a prose reading at 9 a.m. on Sunday, so please plan not to party too late the nights before.  My other panel is at a more comfortable 5 p.m. Friday (pack in a sandwich for dinner if needed, I won’t mind) and I’ll also be at the autograph session more or less just after on Friday at 6:30 p.m. (just enough time for me to sneak in a sandwich for myself).  The entire schedule as it exists now can be found here, while for easy reference to where and on what and when I’m scheduled, see just below.


8-9:30 PM     Reading:  Horror Poetry Open Mike – INNSMOUTH

Moderator:  Linda Addison.  Various attending authors.


5-6 PM            Panel: SCAREBIZ:  Just the Facts, Monster:  How to Dig Deeper than the Internet for Accurate Storytelling   – R’LYEH

An incorrect fact or detail in a story can pull a reader right out of your narrative and destroy the impact of an otherwise excellent piece of fiction.  Writers who also are research professionals (librarians, archivists or journalists) share their insider tips to help you avoid the factcheck trap.  Topics covered will include Net and bricks-and-mortar resources you may not know about, how to approach experts, how to vet sources, maximizing a trip to an archives or library, and more?  What was their greatest research challenge and how did they solve it?

Moderator:  John T. Glover.  Panelists:  Courtney Alameda, James Dorr, Cynthia Lott, Loren Rhoads, Matthew Weber

6:30-8 PM       Mass Author Signing – THE BARRENS

Convention guests and attending authors will be available to sign their books.


9-10 AM          Panel:  TERRIFYING TROPES:  Urban Fantasy: It’s Selling Like Hellcakes,  But Is It Horror? – DUNWICH

When is a vampire not a vampire?  When is a werewolf more of a beast or less of one?  Should witches be sexy or scary or both?  A lot of the same creatures and processes are used in writing the tales but are the lines just blurred or are they really separate genres?

Moderator: James A. Moore.  Panelists:  James Dorr, Yvonne Navarro, Jana Oliver, Lucy A. Snyder, James R. Tuck


9-9:30 AM       Reading: James Dorr – INNSMOUTH


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