Airships & Automations Now in Paper; Poem Posted by ChiZine for “S.P.” Month

As promised (cf. March 31, 19, et al.), the word has come from Chuck Zaglanis of White Cat Publications that the steampunk anthology AIRSHIPS & AUTOMATONS is now out in paperback as well as electronically.  This is the one with my “Tombs” story “Raising the Dead,” about chasing souls in a clockwork-driven aerial balloon.  The anthology, in fact, follows aeronautics (as well as robotics) throughout the centuries, starting in ancient Greece and ending in . . . well . . . the aforementioned far-future, dying Earth of the Tombs.

More information on AIRSHIPS & AUTOMATIONS, including ordering via Amazon, can be found here.

Also in today’s email, this arrived from  CHIZINE:  Happy April Fool’s Day everyone!

But now, the real news!

It’s April and that means it’s National Poetry Month!  Except at ChiZine.  Here, it’s . . . yes . . . Shitty Poetry Month!  Back by popular demand!  You could be the winner of the Shitty Poetry Belt (TM)*!  Can you take it away from the current title holder. . . ?

Yes, it’s, um, that time for poetry of all shapes and flavors and — after all, why not? — this year I have an entry myself in the first round.  Called “The Vampire’s Soliloquy” and with a special tip of the chapeau to William Shakespeare, it and five others can be found here.  And voted on too (note, polls close on Sunday for Round 1 poems).  Dare I ask?

Or, to go back to the words of CHIZINE:  Vote for your favourite poem in week one.  Voting ends Sunday at midnight.  Winner of this round goes on to compete with the final round poems!


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