Bunnies to Avoid in Dark Easter-Night Alleys?

The film I had ordered for late Easter viewing, KOTTENTAIL, the salacious tale of an experimental rabbit gone bad, has beaten the sterbunodds and arrived in time.  Perhaps a review later in the week?  But in the meantime, here are some pictures of other Easter Bunnies of dubious aspect from Brian Galindo on BUZZFEED.COM, courtesy of my middle niece Jodie who sent them on Facebook several days back.  Enjoy (or take warning) for yourself by hopping here!

Happy Easter — and try not to eat too many Peeps!


  1. I swear, how could anyone think that most of those bunnies were cute!?? Many looked sinister for sure –and we know why the tots were screaming their cute little lungs out. Ewww! Thanks, Jim!

  2. And now the review of KOTTENTAIL too, only one post above! 😀

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