To Sink One’s Teeth Into: Five Cannibal Books via Tor.Com

Today is the eve of Good Friday, presaging Easter and the finish of Lent and fasting.  So what better reading for preparation for one’s return to a full string-pearlsmenu but “Five Stories About Cannibalism” by Karin Tidbeck, courtesy of this Thursday’s TOR.COM?  Not only that, as Karin explains:  “I picked the titles below for a range of cooking methods, reasons for cooking, and the ways in which the author deals with the subject.  Bon appétit.”

So for a holiday treat, going back to the Brothers Grimm and even including Thomas Preskett Prest’s “The String of Pearls,” the penny dreadful that marked the debut of one Sweeny Todd, be pleased to peruse here.


  1. I enjoyed reading the blurbs about these “priceless treasures”. I remain skeptical that human flesh (especially adult human flesh) can become a tasty meal. It’s not nearly as good as fresh venison.

  2. Can’t say as I’ve made the comparison myself. One time I’d had venison, it was in a stew cooked by someone who insisted on using turnips with everything, so my experience with venison is that the flavor is too much like turnips for my taste.

  3. Try human flesh with turnips. You are in for a treat — it’s the only way to use turnips that I’ve found (stew).

  4. What about Mrs. Lovett’s meat pies (or, to coin a phrase, “God, that’s good!”)? Or perhaps “Have a little priest?”

  5. HA! Maybe priests are very tasty. Ask a zombie, to be sure.

  6. And is “general” best with or without his privates? (But watch out for politician — it always runs)

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