Ghosts: Revenge Announced on Kindle, Author List Included

And, we are promised, the paperback version should be out soon.  It’s GHOSTS:  REVENGE (cf. February 16) from James Ward Kirk Publishing for which my humble addition is a poem of the misadventures of a young man named “Little Willie.”  The poem itself is called “Tit for Tat” and, unlike some earlier James Ward Kirk books, poetry seems not to be confined to aghosts-revenge-jwk-fiction-cover separate section up front, but stories, poems, and flash share space throughout the book together — to my taste a better arrangement, having seen a preview copy myself of the book as a whole.  Nevertheless, to quote from the Amazon blurb:  “Everyone likes a good ghost story.  You’ll find this collection both entertaining and haunting.  Some of the biggest names in horror have come together to offer their take on what it might be like to be a ghost, and an angry ghost, the kind of ghost not soon forgotten.  Ever seen a ghost?  If you’ve seen a ghost like one these, well, then likely you are reading this as a ghost — and angry, with a story of your own to tell.  . . .    You may, in fact, already [be] haunting these pages.  Beware the Ghost in the Machine!”

Be that as it may, this is a list of those in GHOSTS:  REVENGE, themselves haunts or not, from the book’s back cover.

Michael Thomas-Knight
Mary Genevieve Fortier
K.Z. Morano
William Cook
Roger Cowin
Scáth Beorh
James S. Dorr
Dona Fox
CS Nelson
John Sies
William Cook
Michael Tugendhat
Guy Burtenshaw
E.F. Schraeder
Evan Dicken
Brian Rosenberger
Mike Jansen
Sheldon Woodbury
Allen Griffin
Ken L. Jones
Rik Raven-Daleford
Flo Stanton
Kenneth Whitfield
Rie Sheridan Rose
William Petersen
Brian Rosenberger
Tim Jeffreys
Stephen O’Connor
Matthew Weber
Nicholas Day
Steve Foreman
Neal F. Litherland
Alex S. Johnson
J. C. Michael
Betty Rocksteady
Justin Hunter
Angeline Trevena
David Schütz II
Lori R. Lopez
Magenta Nero
Tracy L. Carbone
T.S. Woolard
John D. Stanton
Gidion Van de Swaluw
Stephen Cooney

More information, including sample pages, appears on Amazon for which one may press here.


  1. Sounds like a fun book!

  2. I see that “some of the biggest names in horror have come together” — I think your name qualifies, but the majority of the others? BTW, you have “William Cook” down twice –are there two guys with the same name?

  3. True confession time, I’ve heard of a few “bigger names” myself, but I don’t write the blurbs 😉 . Of William Cook(s), I checked the full contents page (from which the order of the names appears to be derived) and it’s two separate items, stories or poems, by I would guess the same author, though maybe it could be two separate people with the same name too.

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