More about movies — and good news, too, for Friday the 13th.  But let us go back to August last year and the call for submissions, this time from a tip-off via the Short Mystery Fiction Society:  “BlackWyrm Publishing is opening several positions in its spring short fiction anthology for general submissions.  . . .  The collection, tentatively titled REEL DARK:  TWISTED FANTASIES PROJECTED ON THE FLICKERING PAGE, focuses on the infection of (prose-fiction or poetic) worlds by movies.  We want innovative approaches:  if you think endless references to films or characters stepping into or off of the screen is innovative, reconsider submitting.  Although the anthology as a whole will be dark in tone, it will speak to a range of audiences interested in horror, science-fiction, fantasy, mystery/suspense, and/or romance (particularly paranormal).”  And what should I have but a tale of “Marcie and Her Sisters,” perhaps over-influenced (and one might add horribly unreliable narrators) by a surfeit of zombie movies when they/she were younger, and how they decided that they would get married.

I’m not sure what to think about “Marcie” myself, although it was a pleasure to write.  I’m usually too close to my stories to be an unbiased judge.  But what counts is the word that came back today from Editor (with Pamela Turner) L. Andrew Cooper:  “The editorial team for BlackWyrm Publishing’s upcoming anthology REEL DARK:  TWISTED FANTASIES PROJECTED ON THE FLICKERING PAGE loved your story ‘Marcie and Her Sisters.’”  It went on to details about payment (in this case at an HWA-defined professional rate) plus plans to have the book out in time for World Horror Convention this spring in May.  Was I “still interested in being part of the collection. . . ?”

The answer is yes, and hats off to a “lucky” Friday the 13th!

  1. Woot! Great news, Jim! And in time for ATLANTA! Yes, it surely was a good Friday the 13th for you. Huzzah!

  2. Also for Marcie and her sisters, Maizie and Mary! (Otherwise this is the first, I think, story sale for March, but it is a big one — and there’s another half month to go.)

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