Here’s That Homebound Girl Again: A Poetic Lagniappe

So it’s all kind of silly, but yesterday’s weekly Writers Digest poetry prompt (see November 1 2014, et al.) was to write a poem inspired by a movie.  And one movie that I’d seen not all that long back is A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE AT NIGHT (see January 19, 11, et al. this year), so why not, thought I, write my poem about that.  Today I did so and going over the draft I realized that wa_girlhat I had was actually another review of the film, this time in verse.

So, having little sales potential outside of, say, a really eccentric film magazine, why not share it here — even before my critique partner (who does not read this blog) sees it?



On the bad streets of Bad City,
west of Tehran,
she glides rather than walks
on a stolen skateboard,
her chador billowed cape-like
behind her —
beware, young man, beware,
lost in a forest of pump jacks
and squalor,
despite your own Dracula cloak
and fake teeth,
keep your father inside and
the cat at home
lest your life change forever.

  1. I like this a lot! I don’t think anyone would know it was inspired by a movie. Dont think that most everyone knows of that movie. They watch super hero movies, movies with no plot and tons of action & car chases, and/or Disney -type movies. That’s about it.

  2. Marge, thanks. You might like the film yourself, too (and watch for the cat, hogging many key scenes), if you haven’t seen it already. The thing is, I realized my poem was not just inspired, but practically an outline of major plot points.

    I do agree though that probably few people will ever see it (bless the IU Cinema!), a vampire film set supposedly in Iran (though actually filmed in California — during the opening pan of the “city,” look for what I think is a church tower way to the left, but no minarets) and in Farsi (the actors were local Iranian-Americans) with English subtitles and allegedly a homage as well to Sergio Leone westerns. But it’s really quite good (and, as I’ve also said of VAMPIRE GIRL VS. FRANKENSTEIN GIRL, “she kills people, sure, but she’s SO CUTE”)

    • I put A GIRL WALKS HOME AT NIGHT in my Netflix queue, but it’s in the “saved” part, which means they don’t know when it will be available, if EVER. But they know of it, at least!

  3. Weirdly, last May-ish visiting my sister and nieces, the nieces loved A GIRL on Netflix (I’d told them the movie had a cat), watching it multiple times as each new niece arrived. So perhaps we have you to thank for it!

  4. Wow! That’s great news, Jim! Looks like ‘the cat’ was the star that lured them in!

  5. Yes. In fact I’m told Ana Lily Amirpour (writer/director/producer) was asked how many takes the end of the film took (where the cat is sitting on the shelf behind a car’s seats while the actors talk, stays on the shelf while they get out, and is still there when they are in again, sitting (not sleeping) so we can see him between them at all times. She said just one, adding something about his being the “Marlon Brando of cats.”

    • Also, though I may have mentioned this elsewhere, that she was the stunt double for the skateboard sequences (the actress being less skilled, but also part of Amirpour’s inspiration for the film came from her getting an actual chador for the first time, trying it on, then imagining it billowing out like a Batman cape — thus the image of a skateboarding Irani vampiress).

    • That’s so true. A Method Actor Feline, if ever there was one.

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