Black Chaos II Proof Sheets Received, Contents Revealed; Exploration Anthology Slightly Delayed

Two bits of news to announce today, the first from Pig Pulp Publications Editor Bill Oliver on their upcoming BLACK CHAOS II:  MORE TALES OF THE ZOMBIE (cf. January 10; March 8 2014).  “Attached is a proof of ‘Cold, Lifeless Fingers’ for your review.  Please verify that the story title and your byline on the copyright page, table of contents, author’s biography, and in the story are correct.  If you wish to proofread your story, that is fine, but hopefully should be unnecessary.  We’ve proofed the story twice and will have at least one more read-through of the entire publication before we go to print.”  This is the tale of a traditional Haitian zombie who, all in innocence, comes across a yard sign indicating that, if one wants to have the homeowner’s gun, he’ll have to “pry it from my cold, lifeless fingers.”

But are not zombies’ fingers cold and dead too?

The answer, apparently, is on schedule for publication by the end of April and, if my story is an example, the proofreading should be quite good.  So, for a little bit of a preview, here’s a copy of the table of contents as it appears on the proof:



1 We Always Get Our Man by R.A. Williamson
12 Shackles of Death by Thomas Canfield
16 When It’s Not Love, It’s Hate by Dawn Wilson
25 Sweet Bird of Death by Gary Ives
30 Cold, Lifeless Fingers by James Dorr
34 Dave Vs. the Zombie Apocalypse by Angel Luis Colón
43 Zombees by Gabriel Valjan
53 In the Storm They Came by Sean Ealy
65 The Zombie’s Lament by Steven Belanger
72 Daddy’s Home by Bo Balder
75 The Dead of Summer by Wayne Laufert
80 White Light, White Heat by William Johnson
92 My Mother-in-Law is a Zombie by Anna Sykora
95 Memories by Nu Yang
100 Lucky 43 by Joriah Wood
108 In Reynolds by J. Boone Dryden
115 American Refugees by D. Jason Cooper
121 The Not Tom by Ian Welke
126 Inhuman Resources by Brenda Kezar
136 The Zombie Mike Christmas Special by Terry Alexander
149 Bitter Inheritance by Jason Ridler
157 The Last Circus by DeAnna Knippling
166 In the Age of Resurrection by Deborah Walker
171 Dead Moon by Jim Cort
181 Newsfeed Zombies by Aislinn Batstone


Then shortly before, I received a note from Neil Baker of April Moon Books to the effect that their upcoming ILL-CONSIDERED EXPEDITIONS (see January 13) is currently running about a month late, but is still on its way.  My story in this one is “Ice Vermin,” about a Russian expedition into Siberia at the beginning of the last century — and what it discovered!  “Ice Vermin” is a reprint which also appears in my collection DARKER LOVES:  TALES OF MYSTERY AND REGRET (Dark Regions, 2007) and was first published on CD-ROM in EXTREMES 5 (Lone Wolf, 2003), while “Cold, Lifeless Fingers” first appeared in the Halloween issue of GC MAGAZINE, October 1999.


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