Ten Top Human-to-Monster Transformations

I’m sitting at a borrowed computer as I type this — who knows if this posting will even work? — with, in the background, various items of medical machinery doing their various things.  Lights blinking, beepers beeping.  When, idly web-drifting through horror sites, what should I come across but “Top Ten Terrifying Human Transformations,” by Josh Millican?

Care for a look?  Via THEBLOOD-SHED.COM, find out which favorites may lurk in wait here.


  1. Posting worked –what happened? Did your cave computer crash? Missed your posts of late.

  2. ‘Tis a tale that may yet be told (though in short form, the borrowed computer is just I’m away from the cave computer at the moment). But also, postable items seem to come on a sort of feast or famine pattern — 2 or 3 publishers accept or announce or publish something by me (or I get to a film screening that invites a review) within just a few days sometimes, other times nothing much happens at all. Other things can intervene too (like being out of town maybe), though as a general plan I try not to allow more than 4 or 5 days without some kind of new post, even if it’s a rehash or a picture or something.

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