Assassins E-Sale Announced for Weekend

Friday, January 23 is the official release date for INSIDIOUS ASSASSINS (see January 2, et al.) and, well, let them announce it for themselves:  “Both Smart Rhino ‘ASSASSINS’ books will be featured on Friday, January 23rd, 2015 at  To celebrate the release of INSIDIOUS ASSASSINS, we’ll reduce the price for the Kindle version of UNCOMMON ASSASSINS to $0.99 on Jan. 22-25.  Why not grab both Kindle copies?”

In addition there will be a “release party” on Facebook on Friday with some of the authors, etc., perhaps stopping in, and reachable, unsurprisingly, by typing in “INSIDIOUS ASSASSINS Online Release Party.”  And if, as the publisher suggests, one should have bought both books, my contributions are “The Wellmaster’s Daughter” among the UNKNOWN and “Labyrinth” in the one that’s INSIDIOUS.


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