Ice Vermin Accepted for Ill-Considered Expeditions, Contents Revealed

The call from April Moon Books was out last October: “We want stories in the grand style of Burroughs, Doyle, and Verne.  Spiffing adventures that plummet our heroes into disagreeable environments to face the wrath of unfriendly natives and questionable beasts.  Your story can be set in the past, present, or future, it can be earthbound or take place among the stars, the tale can unfold at the summit of a mountain, deep in the jungle, or beneath the waves.“  The book would be titled ILL-CONSIDERill-considered-expeditions88ED EXPEDITIONS and, taking a detail from Shackelton’s own to the South Pole, it happened I had written a story, “Ice Vermin,” in edited journal form of a heretofore unknown, pre-World War I exploration of eastern Siberia.

The story in fact had been published in CD-ROM form in 2003 in Lone Wolf Publications’s EXTREMES 5 as well as in print in my Dark Regions Press DARKER LOVES collection in 2007.  And now it will rear its ice-rimed head again — the first story sale for 2015! — in, according to this afternoon’s email from April Moon,  (reasonably enough) April if all goes on schedule.

The acceptance went on to say “I am currently in the throes of formatting two other books, so don’t be surprised if it all goes quiet for a month or so.  However, I will be in touch again with contracts and possible revisions for your approval at the beginning of March.”  And as a sort of preview added, “You are in good company — here is the complete ToC (in no particular order), and I will be announcing this on social media shortly — feel free to crow about it 🙂 ”

And so I will.



Pete Mesling – In the Chillest Land

Matthew Barron – Hell Island

James Dorr – Ice Vermin

John McCormack – Mother’s Grasp

Steve Foreman – The Strange Affair of Bunny Fosdyke

Ahmed A. Khan – The Pulsar and the Planet

Gerry Griffiths – Jonathon Stone’s Swansong

Nicholas Nicario – Povo de Ossos

Rick Leider – The Secret of Bumare-Moto

Jess Landry – The Root

Franklin Marsh – The Wood

Josh Reynolds – An Incident at the Plateau of Tsang

DJ Tyrer – The White Goddess

Stanley Webb – Captain Baxter’s Journal

Patrick Loveland – Ghosts of the Spires

Paul M. Feeney – The Room at the Top of the House


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