Big Pulp Zombiefest, Cold, Lifeless Fingers on Schedule

We’ve had a few posts about delayed publications, but here’s one that seems to be right on schedule according to Editor Bill Olver’s e-note earlier this week:  “At your convenience, could you send a current author’s bio for the zombie collection?  We plan to send story proofs by the end of the month, so be on the lookout for more email from us as we get closer to publication!”

The publisher in question is Big Pulp which had put the call out for a zombie-themed collection just about a year ago, subsequently accepting a story from me called “Cold, Lifeless Fingers” (cf. March 8).  “We love the undead,” the guidelines had said, “but the term ‘zombie’ can be interpreted a lot of ways.  Successful subs will look outsidblack chaos2_finale the box.”  So my story, a reprint originally published in GC MAGAZINE for Halloween 1999, went back to zombiedom’s Haitian roots with an until-recently resident of Port-au-Prince finding himself in a gated community in the US confronting a lawn sign:  Anyone Who Wants to Take My Gun will have to Pry It from My Cold, Lifeless Fingers.

If you were a zombie, what would you do?

In Editor Olver’s case, he accepted it, noting that “[w]e received enough good submissions this time to fill two books,” and added that mine would be in the second one, scheduled for April 2015.  Then two more things:  the first volume, titled BLACK CHAOS:  TALES OF THE ZOMBIE, apparently came out at its promised time of June 2014 according to Amazon, while further exploration of the internet found, on a blog entry by artist Ken Knudsen, what may be the cover of the second.



  1. Congratulations, Jim! I didn’t realize BIG PULP was still around. Way to go!

    • Hi Marge. I’m not sure it still exists as a magazine myself, I think it’s morphed into more a periodical themed anthology publisher (if that makes sense 😉 ) They do seem to be trying to keep to a predetermined schedule, as a magazine might, nor could I find any pre-publicity for the second volume (as I’d expect from a normal book company) except indirectly.

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