Wolf Weather Coming, or, Don’t Let the Werewolves Bite

A cold week’s a-coming, according to the Weather Channel, at least around New Year’s to follow a warmer than usual Christmas week.  Wolf weather — howling winds, increasing chill as the moon reaches full on Sunday, January 4.  Brotherhood_of_the_Wolf_Film_PosterAnd of course, not all things that howl at the moon are necessarily natural wolves.  Especially as the year comes to a close, and people huddle inside by the fire, steeling themselves for the long wait for spring.

But if one must go out, what then, especially with a full moon coming on?  Herewith a few hints for your reading pleasure, the first a brief overview of lycanthropes from HALLOWEEN FOREVERMORE, by Donna Marie West, that can be seen by pressing here, followed by a second piece pointing up the three distinct classes of werewolves courtesy of GODS AND MONSTERS to be found here.  Then finally a related case history – or is it? – an article on the 18th century Beast of Gevaudan in France by Jamie Hall via THE CRYPTID ZOO which can be be read here.  Another theory on what the Beast really might have been, incidentally, is offered in the very good French film LE PACTE DES LOUPS, a.k.a. BROTHERHOOD OF THE WOLF.


  1. And I’m sure you’ll be either/or watching or reading appropriately themed books/movies! Above all, let the chills be within your mind and not your body!

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