Dead Lines Picked for Daily Science Fiction; Speaking of Christmas, How About a Small Clutch of Legends and Tales?

In the late morning hours of December 23 an early Christmas present has come, an acceptance for my “Casket Girls” themed (cf. April 17, 10, et al.) story “Dead Lines” for DAILY SCIENCE FICTION.  This will be my fifth for DAILY SF, at I think just over 1000 words (DAILY SCIENCE FICTION likes ’em short, for quick, convenient Internet reading), this one having to do with the still youthful appearing New Orleans grande dame Lo, and what she might know about the disappearance of one Mr. Valdemar.

Of my other appearances in DSF, two were in 2011, including the Christmas Tale “Naughty or Nice” (see December 28 2011, et al.), and after a hiatus of two years, two in 2014.  And now “Dead Lines” will stand as a start for 2015, probably sometime around mid-spring judging from previous lead times.  More information will be posted as it becomes known, while in the meantime more on DAILY SCIENCE FICTION (including free subscriptions for those who wish) can be found here.*

Then, speaking of Christmas, this is something I came across Monday from Selah Janel via MOCHA MEMOIRS PRESS AUTHOR BLOG via Facebook.  It’s not in_the_bloodstream_cover_for_kindle3very long and the legends are simple and sometimes sweet, yet may inspire for horror too.  I especially like “The Christmas Spider” myself.

As for Mocha Memoirs Press (what’s that?), they’re best known by me as the publishers of IN THE BLOODSTREAM:  AN ANTHOLOGY OF DARK FANTASY AND HORROR with my Lovecraftian/Dickensian spoof “A Christmas Carnage” (see October 28 2013, et al.), a tale of a young man and his greedy encounter with the Ghost of Christmas Present, a.k.a. his “umpty-umpth-great” aunt Carol, the one who had once been an artist’s model in Paris (and had those amazing pictures taken).  So you see, it comes back to Christmas after all.

And so to see Christmas Legends and Tales for oneself press here.  Or for more about IN THE BLOODSTREAM press here.


*For those interested in my previous stories in DAILY SCIENCE FICTION, enter my last name, Dorr, in the search box midway down on the right to unearth them in the archives.


  1. Major Congrats on the DSF sale –numero cinco! Wonderful!!

  2. Marge, thanks, I appreciate it! And a happy Christmas/Holiday season for all!

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