Nightmare Stalkers, Dream Walkers Gets a Facebook Comments “Review”

Okay, Suzie Wargo Lockhart, as co-editor with Bruce Lockhart 2nd of Horrified Press’s 2013 anthology NIGHTMARE STALKERS & DREAM WALKERS (cf. April 18 2014; November 1, October 23 2013, et al.), is obligated to give it good marks, but how’s this for a sort of chain review via repeated comments on Facebook?  The occasion  is to announce to the authors that there will be a royalty coming early next year, but it also gives a précis of the contents that may set readers’ palates tingling, in which case more can be found via Amazon by pressing here.  Or, from the horse’s mouth as it were, the Facebook page can be found here.

James Dorr’s ‘FLESH’ will gnaw at your soul, while Eli Wilde’s Rêve Noir’ drags the reader down into a seedy underworld that will torment your dreams…

Chantal Boudreau’s ‘Desperate Dreams’ shows us the true meaning of sacrifice, and Lindsey Goddard’s tale, ‘Gateway Drug’, warns us not to talk to strangers-oh, and to be careful what you wish for…if NightmareStalkersyou think women can’t write horror, then dare to check out their stories in Nightmare Stalkers & Dream Walkers!

Mark Slade’s story ‘Whispers’ features a man slipping into insanity, and author Kenneth W. Cain offers up a wartime tale not to be forgotten, entitled ‘The Patrol’.

Local author Sean Farren haunts us inside an old mansion housing memories best forgotten in ‘The House on Cedar Street’, and acclaimed international poet Mathias Jansson offers a glimpse of a character questioning his identity in ‘A Shadow’.

Amazing author of zombie novels such as ‘FLESH EATERS’, Mr. Joe McKinney blew us away with his story ‘Mr. Creator’, and the multi-talented Kate Seren Monroe offers a creepy steam-punk-type tale entitled ‘Dialogues with the Dead’.

Joel Kremer’s poem ‘Knock Knock’ kicks things off by sending chills down your spine everytime you hear a knock on the door, and Ben Pienaar’s story, entitled ‘Dreamer’, might make you question your own reality.

Congrats to the outstanding authors who took a leap of faith and submitted their terrific tales to this first antho edited by ‘Team Lockhart’…Suzie Wargo Lockhart and Bruce Lockhart 2nd. Our thanks to Nathan Rowark and Horrified Press, to Jay Wilburn for his foreward, as well as his entertaining twist on night-time terror, entitled ‘Dose’, and to some of the other authors who didn’t hesitate, and even wrote stories especially for this antho…

Congratulations to the authors of Horrified Press anthology ‘Nightmare Stalkers & Dream Walkers’, who will be starting the New Year with a royalty payment for their excellent work.  Well done guys, and well deserved!
If you remember, this anthology won 2nd place in last year’s P & E Reader’s Poll (anthology category).

After moving into a new apartment building, a man gets more than he bargained for in Rebecca Besser’s chilling story ‘Chosen’, and Max Booth III combines horror and romance in ‘7 HOURS’.   K Trap Jones distorts a fairytale in ‘Seven Snowy Deaths’, and Joseph Pinto’s ‘Apep’ slithers into the catacombs of your subconcious.

In ‘The Twenty’, Ray Robbio plunges the reader into a tale of selfishness and redemption…and award-winning author William Holden’s twisted tale will leave you looking over your shoulder…

Flowers will never hold the same meaning after reading Justin Tate’s poetry, and Todd Nelsen plunges the reader into a bleak future in his story ‘Virtual Black’.


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