Saturday Morning TV Presents — 13 Horror Toy Commercials for December 13

Less than two weeks until Christmas and children’s heads are filled with visions of. . . ?  Surely not these, a collection of thirteen horror toy commercials from decades past as aired along with cartoons on cold Saturday mornings, brought to us courtesy of Terry H. West via the latest HALLOWEEN FOREVERMORE.

My favorite of these is “Toxie Toys” though others are fun too (alas, however, beyond my time as I was already too old when most of 200px-TheToxicAvenger2these toys were being sold), and there’s even one we’ve seen before, “Baby Laughs A Lot” (cf. November 26, second post re. “Ten Terrifying YouTube Videos”).  Other favorites for me include “Creepy Crawlers” (watch, especially, for the cat), “Mad Scientist Monster Lab” (with its “too gross!” refrain), and the game “Stay Alive” as narrated by none other than Vincent Price.

Along with the links to the ads themselves, dating originally from the 1950s to the1990s, is an introduction by Terry noting how times change, the Saturday morning TV-time ritual gone forever and possibly not even able to be understood by the kids of today.  But we, we’re old enough, aren’t we, to share at least in these memories of times past?

To do so, press here.


  1. I loved these old commercials –didn’t recognize any but the creepy crawlers, I think. BUT for years, I’ve been trying to fingure what the Great Garloo looked like –Howard Stern’s favorite toy as a kid. I didn’t realize it was “remote controlled” (primitively)! Also I didn’t know the exact name, “Great Galloo” is what I’d thought it was. Ah, now you’ve provided us with hours of entertainment watching olden days toy commercials! Thanks!

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