Writers Guild First Sunday Reading Stars Santa

Well, sort of, though actually what I read opened with someone tied up in a bag, with no memory other than that his head hurt, apparently having been struck when he had been running from something.  But exactly what?  Well, the story’s been sent out somewhere but no word as yet whether it’s been accepted so we’ll just have to wait to find out.

This was at the latest Bloomington Writers Guild First Sunday reading (cf. November 3, October 5, et al.), which also included a mini-going away party for coordinator Kamil Khan who, getting his degree at the university, will be replaced by Joan Hawkins in January.  Thus, in addition to regular snacks, we had a cake and sparkling cranberry juice (also grape, I think, but I stuck with the cranberry).  We also had a larger than usual crowd to listen to featured readers Hilda Davis, a first year M.A. candidate in the Indiana University Department of African-American and African Diaspora Studies, who read two fictionalized personal essays; local writer Julia Karr and author of XVI, a young adult futuristic thriller, and its sequel TRUTH from Speak/Penguin Books for Young Readers, reading a pair of unrelated short stories (the second having to do with the Devil!); and recent Department of African-American and African Diaspora Studies PhD Abegunde reading from a portion of her dissertation that also is part of a novel in progress on African ancestry and the middle passage.  This was followed by the usual open mike session of short readings by about ten people, including me with a Christmas horror piece — including Santa — called “He Knows When You’re Awake.”

Also announced by incoming coordinator Joan, there may be a change in set up for at least the first two sessions for 2015, involving longer, 10-to-12 minute open mike readings.  This could be fun too — at least I have an idea already of what I may read for the New Year’s first Sunday.


  1. Sounds like a fascinating mix of folks at your Writers Guild meeting. Also, having had the pleasure of reading “He Knows…” I am sure they all were regaled –if not surprised, as I was, at the ending!

  2. One person told me he did guess the narrator was an elf when he recalls that he’s small sized.

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