Flightless Rats Scheduled for January 12; SF Super Pack Finally Makes an Appearance

Two quick items for a Sunday morning:  first, Saturday’s doings included electronically signing the contract for T. GENE DAVIS’S SPECULATIVE BLOG (see November 26), followed shortly by payment via PayPal, recently raised from a $50.00 to $75.00 flat rate per story.  Mine, a vampiric romance gone sour titled “Flightless Rats,” shakes out at a tad less that 1000 words which makes that a handsome amount indeed in terms of a word rate.  More important for readers, though, I also received an email saying it’s scheduled for posting Monday January 12, at which point look here for a link as well.

Then in the non-electronic realm, my mailbox groaned under Saturday’s long-awaited receipt of two author’s copies of FANTASTIC STORIES PRESENTS SCIENCE Fantastic-Stories-Presents_-Science-Fiction-Super-Pack-1-Various-236x300FICTION SUPER PACK #1 from Positronic Publishing (originally Wilder Publications, cf. August 22, et al.)  At 784 pages per book, my slightly less than 2000 word story, “No Place to Hide,” is pretty well buried on pages 497-502  amongst authors the likes of, to quote from the cover, “Philip K. Dick, Isaac Asimov, Harry Harrison, Ray Bradbury. Theodore Sturgeon, R. A. Lafferty, and much, much more!”   “No Place to Hide,” a tale of space battles between the stars, was originally published in the Summer 1991 SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW and was one of my first professional sales.

I make no pretense that one would wish to pay the nearly $20.00 price (for the paperback, much less for Kindle) just for my story, but what company it keeps!  Alfred Bester, Frederik Pohl, Leigh Brackett, Edmond Hamilton, Philip José Farmer, Poul Anderson. . . .

To see the whole list, and more, press here.


  1. Very impressive list of sf legendary luminaries for company, Jim! I think the title is appropriate because with all those names, your tale DOES have a place to hide. But seriously, what a feather in your cap!

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