Last Chance for TEARS with a 20 Percent Discount; Gothic Blue Book Paperbacks Haunt Computer Cave Mailbox

Might one note two reviews of THE TEARS OF ISIS, below, both from the other side of the Earth — from Australian author Natasha Ewendt and New Zealand artist William Cook (excerpt) respectively.  Both can be found on Amazon’s pages for THE TEARS OF ISIS as well, but better yet, if one acts quickly there’s still time to buy the book for yourself at a 20 percent discount direct from the publisher.  Just press here and add the code BLACK14 when you check out, but do it by midnight since (as also posted just below “Wednesday’s” Thanksgiving greeting) PMMP’s special Black Friday sale will be over tomorrow.

Is there anything better than a short story collection that pulls you in from the very first line? The Tears of Isis is intelligently written, evocative and engrossing.  James Dorr is a fabulous wordsmith who weaves words in such a way that you can’t help but be lulled into the story.  His ability to take on new perceptions and POVs and drag the reader inside them in such a short space of time is exceptional. All these unique, surprising stories are different to each other yet subtly threaded together.  I like a different spin on dark themes and mythology and every story has one.  Each tale has a killer twist, deep dark intrigue and/or something disturbing to make you shiver.  The Tears of Isis features inventively told modern takes on ancient myths and classic legends along with all-new original ideas.  Inspiring.

James Dorr’s third collection of short fiction, `The Tears of Isis,’ is a fantastically varied and eclectic selection of some of Dorr’s finest work.  His last collection, `Darker Loves: Tales of Mystery and Regret,’ was excellent also, although I do prefer `Tears . . .’ for its diversity and almost poetic use of prose.  The stories therein range from the grotesque, the Gothic, and the almost beautiful depiction of the dark and tragic soul of humanity.  This collection is rich with allusion and aestheticism at every corner; the astute reader will realize that Mr Dorr is taking us on a tour of his own labyrinthine gallery, with an emphasis on the Gothic and the moribund.  The homage to Edgar Allan Poe that precedes the first piece should give you fair indication that there will be darkness, requiring no less than a blood-red candle to GothicBkueBookIVlight your way.  . . . 

Then, speaking of Gothy stuff, today also brought two author’s copies of GOTHIC BLUE BOOK IV:  FOLKLORE EDITION to the postal mailbox here at the computer cave.  My offering in this is the flash story “School Nights” (cf. October 29, September 8), but there’s much, much more, including a mini-collection of appropriately autumnal verse by Bruce Boston.  So, even though Halloween may be over, you might want to take a look at this one by pressing here — an excellent companion volume for your discount copy of THE TEARS OF ISIS.


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