THE TEARS OF ISIS — 20 Percent Off Sale Through Black Friday; Flightless Rats Land on T. Gene Davis’s Speculative Blog

This one’s hot off the griddle, from Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing’s Max Booth III:

Starting now until Saturday we will be having a Black Friday sale on our web store. So, if you have a book with us or you’re in one of our anthologies, some promo is in order.

20% off all titles, paperback and ebook
Promo code: BLACK14

This means THE TEARS OF ISIS (“named for the goddess, no relation to current Mideastern news events”) will be on sale at a twenty percent off discount for9780988748842_p0_v2_s260x420 the next two days.  Plenty of time for Christmas gifting — or for one’s self if you don’t have it already.  And plenty of time for delivery too!  To take advantage, just click on the book’s picture in the center column, or go directly to the THE TEARS OF ISIS’s page on the PMMP site by pressing here, then add the promotion code, BLACK14, when you check out.

Of course when you’ve done that (are you sure you don’t want a second copy while you’re at it, perhaps for some special relative or friend?) you might want to browse the PMMP store for other titles.  These can be reached from the page for THE TEARS OF ISIS or, to go directly to the general PMMP store page, by pressing here, where you might also check out the Kurt Vonnegut tribute anthology SO IT GOES with my story of modern mores, “Dead Girls, Dying Girls.”

Also just in, one site to watch out for is T. GENE DAVIS’S SPECULATIVE BLOG, which “releases a family-friendly speculative story every Monday, mostly by guest authors.”  Rather like DAILY SCIENCE FICTION it can be subscribed to for free and, offering a flat rate of $50.00 per story, the quality is generally high.  So, literally less than an hour ago as I write this, came the word on a story I’d sent earlier in the month, “Congratulations! I love your story, ‘Flightless Rats’, and want to publish it on my blog and in the annual anthology.”

“Flightless Rats” is a tale of the vampiress Aimée (who we’ve met before in “Casket Girls,” cf. April 17, et al.), a night in 19th century New Orleans, and a bit of Biblical apocrypha.  More will be reported as it becomes known, but in the meantime those who wish to can check out what will become her new home, and maybe sign up to follow it as well, by pressing here.


  1. Anyone who doesn’t own a copy of TEARS of ISIS is missing a treasure!! And congrats to you for the sale. Looks like an interesting blog indeed! Man must be made of largess!

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