Bradbury Memorabilia Finds Home(s) in Midwest

This comes a bit circuitously via the Science Fiction Poetry Society from a few days ago, but Ray Bradbury is one of four writers I routinely claim as important influences on my own writing (the others:  Edgar Allan Poe, Allen Ginsberg, Bertolt Brecht), not to mention that it’s practically local news, so I think it worth sharing for those who might wonder.

As of last year, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis became the new home for a large portion of Bradbury’s papers and office library.  To quote from the announcement:  “Mr. Bradbury, who passed away in June 2012, left his manuscripts and author’s copies of his books to his long-time friend and principal bibliographer, Professor Donn Albright of the Pratt Institute.  Albright, a native Hoosier, has graciously donated most of these books and papers to the Bradbury Center.  The Bradbury-Albright Collection will be the centerpiece of the Center’s Bradbury Memorial Archive, a simultaneous gift from the Bradbury family that includes the furnishings, correspondence, awards and mementoes from Mr. Bradbury’s home office.  Both gifts arrived at IUPUI on October 23 [2013], almost exactly sixty years after the publication of Bradbury’s classic novel, FAHRENHEIT 451.”  For those who wish, the entire announcement can be found by pressing here.

A more complete press release, dated October 30 2013, can also be found here, adding that “’[t]he Ray Bradbury items are a tremendous addition to the Center for Ray Bradbury Studies, one of five scholarly editions that are part of the Institute for American Thought at IUPUI,’ IUPUI Chancellor Charles R. Bantz said.  ‘Recently named an IUPUI Signature Center, the Institute for American Thought is internationally recognized for the work of the faculty and staff to preserve, research and publish authoritative texts by important American writers.  Being able to display the Ray Bradbury artifacts from his office library will present Bradbury in a compelling way for countless readers and students of his work.’

“The IU School of Liberal Arts will catalog and store most of the items until the Bradbury center is able to expand its space to accommodate the new holdings.  A few items will be on display in the center offices until then.”

For those across the border in Illinois, Bradbury’s birthplace on August 22 1920 and where he grew up, the latter release also notes that “[s]hipment of the Bradbury items to the IUPUI campus this month coincided with a shipment of Bradbury’s home library and related materials to the Waukegan Public Library in Illinois, a donation representing the author’s wish to leave his hometown with a significant portion of his literary legacy.  Waukegan Library staff and the IUPUI center worked closely throughout the summer to coordinate the shipments from Bradbury’s Los Angeles home.”

For those interested, there is also an unrelated official Ray Bradbury website that can be found here.


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