HWA New Member Perk for Aspiring Dark Poets

A short bit to note that the Horror Writers Association has announced its establishment of a Dark Poetry Scholarship program for member-poets.  Sponsored by Eldritch Press, this is intended as a supplement to its already existing Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley and Horror Writers Association Scholarships.

To quote their announcement:  “The first Dark Poetry Scholarship will be awarded in 2015.  Thereafter, the scholarship is given annually.  The scholarship is designed to assist in the professional development of our members writing Horror and/or Dark Fiction Poetry

“HWA President Rocky Wood explained that the intent of the Dark Poetry Scholarship is to bring into prominence the very real importance and influence Dark Poetry has had on the Horror genre, ‘It is very clear to the HWA that there are real barriers limiting the amount of Dark Poetry being published.  At the same time the HWA exists to extend the horror genre in all its aspects, so we are establishing the Dark Poetry Scholarship, which is open to all our members.’”

More information on the new scholarship, including a link to the rules for those interested in applying, can be found by pressing here.



  1. Thanks for the mention of this, Jim! I’m one of three on the Scholarship committee. This is a FIRST for promoting poetry of a darker inclination (gene). Shades of darkness can vary. Bottom line, poetry is a serioius literary form. Sometimes people don’t “get” that.

  2. Hi Marge, that was my thought too. I took some time deciding whether to pick this up since it’s for HWA members only (and this isn’t a “HWA” blog, whatever exactly that might be), but decided that the important — and more universal — part is that about poetry being boosted, as you say, as an art form as important as prose. (And thanks, incidentally, for including my name in the list of “modern established poets” on the HWA announcement ; )=

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