Poison Garden Exposed in Smithsonian Magazine

Ah, the smell of autumn flowers — or spring or summer or even winter — some of which can be deadly!  Such is revealed by Natasha Geiling in an article in SMITHSONIAN MAGAZINE on England’s Aln42-57758996.jpg__1072x0_q85_upscalewick Garden, “Step Inside the World’s Most Dangerous Garden (If You Dare),”  brought to us via ScienceAlert.com courtesy of Bruce Boston via the Horror Writers Association on Facebook.  To discover all — including an unexpected connection to Harry Potter — you can eliminate all these middlemen by pressing here.

But then the ScienceAlert précis has its own charms, including links to sidebars for such things as buying tickets (a discount is available for internet purchases) should you be in northeastern England anytime soon, and even a short video, all of which can be reached by pressing here.


  1. I was interested in this article –having researched poisonous plants for my SWEET POISON collection. I didn’t know about the one in the Amazon Rainforest –Gimbo gimbi or such –video shows what could happen to you immediately upon contact.

  2. About the nicest thing that can be said of it is it won’t actually kill you (maybe). For one source for the video (in fact, it links to it too) plus the gympie gympie plant in general, check http://www.australiangeographic.com.au/topics/science-environment/2009/06/gympie-gympie-once-stung,-never-forgotten/.

  3. Then here’s another sidebar from ScienceAlert.com (the link in the article is “Medici Poison Garden”) that briefly describes the Alnwick garden as well: http://www.soiledandseeded.com/blog/blog_content.php?postID=100&cat=Art/Design Straying from topic a little perhaps, the comment in passing that some of the plants at Alnwick are caged to keep foragers away reminds me of the 1960s THE ADDAMS FAMILY episode “Morticia’s Romance, Part 1” where Morticia, on her first meeting with Gomez, has brought her strangler plant Cleopatra in a caged pet carrier.

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