Labyrinth Cops Sixteenth Spot in Insidious Assassins ToC

Editor Weldon Burge has announced a preliminary table of contents for the upcoming INSIDIOUS ASSASSINS anthology (cf. November 7, September 9) from Smart Rhino Publications.  But let’s let him put it into his own words:

“The Table of Contents of the INSIDIOUS ASSASSINS anthology is now complete!  I accepted ‘The Absinthe Assassin’ by JM Reinbold earlier this week, and just accepted ‘Tantse So Smert’Yu (Dancing With Death)’ by Ernestus Jiminy Chald . . .  The antho will include 24 stories (with a mix of suspense, thriller, horror, fantasy, science fiction) and will be more than 400 pages!

“Here’s the current TOC . . . we may shuffle things around before the book goes to press.”

Those Rockports Won’t Get You Into Heaven — Jack Ketchum
Dead Bill — Shaun Meeks
Worse Ways — Meghan Arcuri
No One of Consequence — Christine Morgan
And the Hits Just Keep On Comin’ — Doug Rinaldi15790_822232577838686_5631501463275173563_n
The Night Gordon Was Set Free — Billie Sue Mosiman
Almost Everybody Wins — Lisa Mannetti
Friends From Way Back — Dennis Lawson
The Repo Girl — Patrick Derrickson
Letter for You — Carson Buckingham
The Rock — Joseph Badal
The Handmaiden’s Touch — Doug Blakeslee
The Bitter and the Sweet — D.B. Corey
Influence — Martin Zeigler
Agnus Dei — Jezzy Wolfe
Labyrinth — James Dorr
Blenders — J. Gregory Smith
One of Us — Austin S. Camacho
The Absinthe Assassin — JM Reinbold
Slay It Forward — Adrian Ludens
Tantse So Smert’Yu (Dancing With Death) — Ernestus Jiminy Chald
What the Blender Saw — L.L. Soares
Code Name Trine — Martin Rose
Bestsellers Guaranteed — Joe Lansdale

My outing here, “Labyrinth,” takes place on the island of Crete and melds modern-day politics with the myths of the Ancient Greeks.  And for you hard-core assassination fans, there’s also a previous Smart Rhino anthology, UNCOMMON ASSASSINS, available, more on which can be found here.  My story in this one, “The Wellmaster’s Daughter,” is set a bit farther south in the Sahara Desert and has to do with family relations (see also August 16 2012, et al.).


  1. Congrats, Jim! You’re in very good company!

  2. Marge, thanks. I’ve just added a picture of the “insidious assassin” too (though, like the table of contents, possibly to be tweaked a bit before becoming the official cover).

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