Sunday Haibun Class Offered by Writers Guild, Library – Poster’s First Effort Included as Lagniappe; Not Quite Sneak Peek of A Martian . . . Cover on Facebook

For a little bit of a change of pace, today I attended a presentation on “Haibun:  The Best of Both Worlds,” courtesy of the Bloomington Writers Guild (cf. October 9, et al.) and the Monroe County Public Library.  For those unfamiliar, this is from the session handout:  “A haibun is a hybrid form that is composed of heightened prose and one or more haiku.  The prose elements and the haiku work synergistically and each heightens the effect of the other.  It can be written in in various styles:  stream of consciousness, description, memoir, slice of life, but has traditionally been based on real life experiences including travel.”  The class went on to explain that its popularity in English is fairly new and that it is continuing to evolve, while discussion also touched on haiku by itself, and the symbiotic relationship between the prose and the poetic parts of haibun.

As in similar sessions the library and Writers Guild have offered, there was time for hands on practice as well, the first to be inspired by the participant’s choice from a group of photographs, mostly of nature, that were passed around.  And so for an example, my effort will appear below as a sort of lagniappe, a little literary freebie as a reward for having read this far.

Also today, Editor J Alan Erwine sent, via Facebook, a preliminary cover design for the upcoming sf/humor anthology A ROBOT, A CYBORG, AND A MARTIAN WALK INTO A SPACE BAR, with my story “Toast” in it (see October 22, September 26, et al.).  To quote the publisher, “[t]his isn’t quite the final version, but we love this cover so much, we wanted to share it with all of you.  We will be starting a Kickstarter for the collection very soon, so keep your wallets ready!”  Thus, it not being exactly the official to-be-published version, I don’t think it proper to display it here, but since it is available to the public on Facebook it’s not exactly a secret either.

What to do?  What to do?  How about this — for those who wish for a wholly “unofficial” sneak peek, it can be found by scrolling down my Facebook page here.  And returning to haibun, information on the Writers Guild and programs to come can be found here, while here is the sample promised:


Trees, second growth, abound in this wood.  Thin, angular branches bared mostly by fall.  A smell of tartness, of leaves turning — mossy as well as they slowly decompose.  It is afternoon.  One feels the sun’s heat as if it wishes its presence known in the brief time left during its setting, while shadows, like arrows, lead the hiker on to an unexpected clearing, a platform of rough planks.  On that reposes a single bench, empty.  Even the wind has died down and is silent.

    lonely bench
    still warm from the sun’s descent
    or one just called home 


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