School Nights Out in Kindle in Gothic Blue Book IV, Author List Included

GOTHIC BLUE BOOK IV: THE FOLKLORE EDITION is out as of at least a couple of days, including my short-short “School Nights” (cf. September 16, 8) about a young girl who . . . learns. At least it’s out in a Kindle edition but, presumably, a print version should follow soon. And what’s this GOTHIC BLUE BOOK thing about? To quote Editors Cynthia (cina) and Gerardo Pelayo: “A collection of short stories and poems resurrect the spirit of the Gothic Blue Book. Gothic Blue Books were short fictions popular in the 18th and 19th GothicBkueBookIVcentury. They were descendants of the chap book trade. Burial Day Books presents its fourth Gothic Blue Book, The Folklore Edition.”

Below is a contents list for the volume while for additional information, including ordering (at least in Kindle) one may press here.

Aisha Abram – Friend Of The Family
Jay Bonansinga- Bivouac
Bruce Boston – Collected Poems
Chad P. Brown – Bones Chimes
Tara Cleves – The Butterfly Gardener
M. Frank Darbe – Parcel Post
Lance Davis – Spooklight
Nicole DeGennaro – Making Friends
James Dorr – School Nights
Christina Glenn – Down By The River
Agustin Guerrero – Hunting The Devil
Emma Hinge – Seaside Bound
Kelly Hoolihan – Bus Stop
K. Trap Jones – Where It All Started
Kerry G. S. Lipp – Fairborn, Ohio Where Trains And Ghosts Still Run
Sean Logan – The Crawling Man
David Massengill – Looking Glass
Edward J. McFadden III – Lost Days
Meredith Morgenstern – Atheists In The Cemetery
g. Elmer Munson – Family Business
Lawrence Salani – The Cursed
Cathy Smith – Gifts From A Grim Godfather


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