13 Scary Movies You’ve Likely Never Seen Before . . . Really?; Paranormal Botany, Latest Star*Line Received

Maybe it means I need to get a life, though as a horror writer there may be irony there too.  But I do watch a lot of movies and have a fair lot of VHS tapes and DVDs, so I instantly checked out the Huffington Post’s “13 Scimagesary Movies You’ve Likely Never Seen Before,” passed on via Facebook’s The Horror Society courtesy of Anthony Crowley and Scott M. Goriscak.  Might there be, maybe, just one or two I actually had seen at one time or another?

Actually, yes, though I think there are at least two of the thirteen I haven’t seen.  CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST is one I recall I felt might not be that appealing, while KILL LIST, I’ll confess, is new to me.  Also I can’t be absolutely sure which versions I’ve seen of BLACK CHRISTMAS and THE HAUNTING, both of which would have been some time ago, although I think in the case of the latter it was the original.  But as for the others. . . .  Well, some of them may in fairness be rather obscure, and the list is a good one of films one should see or at least be acquainted with.  Also included are a few sentences on each as a sort of mini-review, as well as trailers.

So maybe it’s worth a look — how many of these films have you seen?  To find out, presStarLine10_11_14s here.

Meanwhile Saturday afternoon’s mail brought the Fall issue of STAR*LINE, the quarterly journal of the Science Fiction Poetry Association.  My entry in this, especially apt for the Halloween season, is a speculation on the true meaning of albino pumpkins called “Paranormal Botany.”  More on STAR*LINE and the SFPA can be found here.


  1. The only one I could related to (having seen a trailer for it–THE HAUNTING — as our Literary Darkness group read THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE this year). I think the Spanish one looks the most interesting –traditional horror instead of blood & gore –was that it? Which do you want to see?

  2. Well, I’ve seen at least nine of them already, but I have ordered a DVD of KILL LIST which, from its Amazon description, sounds (despite the title) more like psychological horror than blood and guts. The one about the sex-crazed, worm-like parasite victims was another I thought I hadn’t seen until I looked it up on Amazon and realized I had, though apparently on late night TV so it may have been cut slightly. It wasn’t really that good as I remember, other than having a wacky premise, but apparently is a rarity with some copies going for more than $100! .

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