One Week Until Halloween — The Tears of Isis, Sculptress Copper’s Decorative Taste Featured on Kate Hill Holiday Blog

Last year it was Kate Hill’s Haunted Library (see October 21, 2013).  This year, as the announcement went out, “the theme is decorations.  There will be a main Halloween page as usual and everyone’s info will be posted on it through the entire month of October.  In addition, there are twenty-four feature spots on my blog plus 5 Halloween Themed Thursday Thirteen days that will be filled on a first come first serve basis.”  And so, this month, my featured day is today, the 25th.

First off, for a thing or two about me, we will learn what my favorite Halloween decoration is, plus a bit of its background and use, plus — since the idea is horror promotion — info and an excerpt from my book THE TEARS OF ISIS.  Plus a little about me.  But then, the apex, the answer to an extra question:  “The hero or heroine of your latest book is asked to decorate for a Halloween party.  What does he/she use?”

Since THE TEARS OF ISIS is a collection of seventeen stories and an opening poem that gave me a certain latitude, but I chose the final story as the most appropriate, the title story “The Tears of Isis.”  The protagonist is Copper, a well-respected sculptor and one who has gained wealth from her work.  We can expect a party she would decorate for would be an upscale one, so just hanging a few paper skeletons in a basement rec room would scarcely do.  No, this would be a room — an environment — with some attention to form and light, a room of some size, but otherwise without permanent changes since, the day after, it would be expected to go back to whatever its normal use.

So would you like to attend a party in it?  Find out by pressing here, tarry a bit and take time to explore, then browse about by pressing here to meet some of the other guests Kate has invited for Halloween as well.


  1. Enjoyed reading Copper’s vision (or your vision of her choices) for Halloween decorations! I wish we were invited to a party there! also interesting to discover what YOU put out for Halloween Evenings!

  2. Wednesday and I plan a quiet party in a darkened room with two horror movies already selected. Then if time (and stamina) permits, we may top it off with THE MONSTER SQUAD as a third. Prior to that, though, there’s an early evening screening of MALPERTUIS at IU Cinema that will have me returning past a large dormitory and two frats, the streets no doubt packed with zombies and other colorful creatures.

  3. Wednesday does love her mouseburgers.

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