A Robot, a Cyborg, and a Martian . . . Send a Contract; So Dracula Wasn’t Vlad Tepes After All?

Two short items for last night, the first being that the contract for the science fiction humor anthology A ROBOT, A CYBORG, AND A MARTIAN WALK INTO A SPACE BAR (see September 26, et al.) has been received and has gone back into the email early this  morning.  In time for breakfast, as it were, my part of it being a story concerning the loves of a robotic toaster, often with not so fortunate results, and titled “Toast.”  The anthology itself, however, has been running late and is hoped to be out in late December or, more likely, early next year.

Then in a spate of interesting articles seeming to come out as Halloween nears, here’s a link to one by Lauren Davis, courtesy of Terry West via the Horror Writers Association page on Facebook, “No, Bram Stoker Did Not Model Dracula on Vlad the Impaler,” giving the lowdown on how the notion it might have happened came about, and how even its greatest proponents ultimately were led by the evidence to disbelieve their own theory.  But also within the article itself are other links to interesting sidebars, such as what happens when a police portrait artist tries to recreate the old Count from the description in DRACULA when Jonathan Harker first meets him (look for the twentieth century haircut — these portraits are apparently assembled from standard templates 🙂 ).

For more, press here.


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