In a bit of news for the weekend, Damnation Books and I agreed not to renew the contract for my chapbook novelette THE GARDEN.  This is in part to free rights for me to pursue the possibility of releasing an “author’s cut” edition with the story substantially as it had been originally written, prior to editing for the Damnation edition.  The changes would include more emphasis on the “gothic” elements of the tale and a little more concentration on character via the principals’ conversations with each other.  This is more a back burner project for me (the timing is simply because this is the year the contract’s five-year term ran out) but, should there be progress, details will be reported here.

The cover of THE GARDEN is still displayed in the center column with the permission of cover artist Marge Simon whose rights to the illustration have also been returned, but with the link now changed to take one to Amazon where some print copies are still available.  (European readers might also note that, at least when I checked a day or two ago, there is one copy located in the UK being offered by Barnes & Noble.)  For Amazon just click the book’s picture or else press here, while the Barnes & Noble page can be reached by pressing here.

I might also mention, though, that the “how-to” book TELLING TALES OF TERROR, for which I wrote the introduction, continues to be published by Damnation Books in both print and electronic editions.  Subtitled ESSAYS ON WRITING HORROR & DARK FICTION, with contributions by authors Kim Richards, Paula Johanson, Bob Nailor, Ivy Reisner, Mitchel Whitington, Carol Hightshoe, Cinsearae Santiago, Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Kathryn Meyer Griffith, Lisa Morton, Sephera Giron, and Jason Gehlert, it’s aimed perhaps more at those who already have some acquaintance with the basics and are looking to refine their art, although still being simple enough for fledglings.  A final section includes advice from current publishers as well.

For more information on TELLING TALES OF TERROR or possible purchase (and yes, I do get a royalty for my part in it) one can press here.

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