Once upon a time (well, about a year ago less a couple of weeks — see October 25 2013; also this year May 5 and January 7) I sent some poems to Popcorn Press’s CTHULHU HAIKU II, AND MORE MYTHOS MADNESS, and five were accepted and subsequently published early this year.  None of these were actually haiku, but Popcorn Press is generous with its definitions as long as the work is short, including accepting flash fiction at up to 1000 words.  Of mine, one, “Bad Vacation,” was a shadorma, a six-line form somewhat like a lune and a haiku smushed together (cf. August 5 2013), while the others were free verse, “Slow-Motion,” “It Must Have Been That New Fish Food,” “The Vampiress Dreams of an Evening in Innsmouth” (my personal favorite!), and “With the Economy What It Is, Maybe We’ll Take Any Job We Can Get.”

Meanwhile life goes on, new books get published (right now they’ve been reading for a second HALLOWEEN HAIKU volume, for more information on which press here; for the original volume see November 2 2011).  But you can’t keep a Mythos monster down forever either.  Thus in today’s email came the notice with permission request to use my poems for a limited audio edition of CTHULHU HAIKU II.  As Popcorn Press’s Diane Severson Mori put it:  “Last year about this time you had some of your work publishecthulhu-haiju-ii-coverd in Lester Smith’s antho CTHULHU HAIKU II.  As part of the effort to drum up more support for the Kickstarter I offered to do an audiobook version if the amount reached a certain level.  It did and so I really should do the audiobook.  However, due to many extenuating circumstances I haven’t done it yet. Mostly, though, it’s because Lester didn’t get permission from all contributors right away. You are one of the contributors that he never heard from. So, it’s my turn to contact you.  I bet it just got lost in the shuffle!”  [note from me:  it apparently did, which unfortunately sometimes isn’t all that hard with email these days]

She went on to explain that it would be produced under a Creative Commons license and distributed only to the contributors and the backers of the Kickstarter.  Also that it would not be sold commercially, although some individual re-distribution might be permitted under CC rules.  I emailed back that I thought it would be fine and she had my permission to record my poems (there was an option for me to do a recording myself, but I declined — “Caveman of Computing” and all that, you know), so we shall see what the future will bring.

In the meantime, however, should any be interested in reading CTHULHU HAIKU II now in the original print or Kindle edition, more information can be had by pressing here.


  1. Very good going, and lots to enjoy in future, Jim!

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