A Bucket of Halloween? (and a “Sort of” Lagniappe)

“We DO pay for flash fiction,” the guidelines read.  “Halloween theme gives you an edge, but we will consider all forms of horror.  Keep it to a PG-13 level, as we do expect a mixed audience.  Pays five cents per word to 500 words.  No reprints, please.  We will respond to every submission as quickly as we can, but expect 2-4 weeks.”

And so it happened I had a story, if not of Halloween per se, at least Halloween-like, at a little bit over 500 words, but it could use tightening.  I did what was needed and then sent it out — and a week and a day later the email came from Managing Editor Terry M. West:  “Yes, I would like to run this one on September 30.”

The publication is called HALLOWEEN FOREVERMORE and the story in question, “A Bucket of Lo Mein,” the saga of a restaurant bicycle delivery person who works for a man who is not Chinese, but looks a little like Bela Lugosi.  In full disclosure, this is actually the second story I’d sent to HALLOWEEN FOREVERMORE, the first, about chocolate, having been deemed perhaps a bit too much toward the bizarre.  Might I have, instead, something on more of a classic trope?

But of course, I thought — and also about food!  So for the result, keep an eye out for HALLOWEEN FOREVERMORE in just another week and a day, “a place,” according to the web site, “that celebrates Halloween and the horror genre 365 days a year.  Our goal is to satisfy the casual fan as well as the diehard enthusiast with exclusive content for all things Halloween and horror:  fiction, movies, reviews, interviews and we also offer cool Halloween and horror-themed merchandise all year long.”

And so for a sort of lagniappe — I say “sort of” because this time it’s not my own work I’m offering — I ran across some interesting facts on “The Historical Vampire” in the current issue.  If interested in seeing more, one need but press here.


  1. Enjoyed comments. The “article” part had me going for a bit until I reminded myself that all that was so long ago, nobody really knows for sure (sic: Bathory–vampire?) but also I have written several poems about Bathory and of course they are based on my imagination from reading as well as viewing two versions of her life –not that they could be accurate either!

    As far as news reportage, even today we don’t really know if everything is true unless it happens to us. Like me, with that man that I saw in the window tonight, with blood dripping from his fangs and SUDDENLY he was gone. He had a hamburger in one hand and a glass of red liquid in the other. Rather unnerving.

  2. Oops! Forgot to say –Don’t miss Jim’s work on the last day of September!

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