You heard it here first!  Yesterday evening I received a date from Kate Hill, October 25 — the Saturday before Halloween — for my appearance on her “Annual Halloween Page Promo, 10 Year Anniversary.”  I don’t know about the whole ten years myself, but I was a guest last year too on October 21 (cf. the same date, or, if you should wish to see it for yourself, press here) when the topics discussed were favorite autumn treats, Halloween celebrations, and sexiest paranormal creatures.  Vampires scored high in that last, as I recall.  Whereas, for this year, the emphasis will be on decorations for Halloween (discover what you would see on my porch should you come to trick-or-treat — or any other time, for that matter).

There’s also an opportunity to promote one’s works as the title of the page suggests, and this year’s promotee is . . . THE TEARS OF ISIS!  As it happens, THE TEARS OF ISIS was featured last year too, but this year’s picture should show her in her new dress as well as mention her Bram Stoker Award® Fiction Collection Nominee status, along with including an all-new, never-seen-before-in-its-entirety excerpt (hint:  it takes place in the Heard Museum in Phoenix Arizona — now see if you can guess which story it’s from).

Also for October I’ve sent a blog post/review to the Horror Writers Association’s “Halloween Haunts 2014,” although no date has been set for it as yet.  Last year, also, I had an entry, the review originally posted  on this blog on May 31 2012 of the film/opera DRACULA:  ENTRE L’AMOUR ET LA MORT (see October 13, or to view the HWA version directly press here).  So for this year . . . well, what I sent is another review from these pages of a film for late Halloween-night viewing with a friend you like very much.  Can you guess which it is?  (And, for extra credit, what refreshment I recommend for sipping while you watch?)


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