The Tears of Isis Listed by Fussy Librarian; Rocky Road Now in DSF Archives

Two swift Monday items, the first from a message from Max Booth III a few days back noting that The Fussy Librarian has approved THE TEARS OF ISIS for its daily email for today, September 8.  The Fussy Librarian is a service for readers who can put in key words describing the kinds of books they like, receiving in turn lists of books that, based on their interests, they might want to buy.  However there are criteria a book must satisfy before being listed, having to do with such things as number of reviews received, percentage of positive ones, etc.  The hope is that this will expand a book’s potential readership, or in the words of the Librarian him/herself, “40 genres + content matching = fantastic ebooks for you.”  Or, quoting their website, “Why So Fussy?  With millions of books out there, it can be time consuming to find the good stuff. We can help! Only The Fussy Librarian remembers what genres you like1185170_176455602542462_1603892904_n and your preferences about language, violence and sexual content. . . .”

You can check The Fussy Librarian out by pressing here, then click on “book database” in the Librarian’s speech balloon and scroll down the pictures of book covers to “HORROR.”  Or, if you’d just like to buy THE TEARS OF ISIS regardless of the Librarian’s advice, to go directly to Amazon press here (for the Kindle edition, since the Librarian recommends ebooks — she also offers links to B&N and Nook — but if you prefer you can go from there to the page for the print edition).

In other news, insofar as “Rocky Road” (cf. September 1) was published by DAILY SCIENCE FICTION exactly one week back, it’s now available to all in their archives, whether you’re a subscriber or not.  If interested press here, then enter my last name, Dorr, in the search box at the upper right for its listings for all four stories I’ve had published there.  WARNING:  If you enter “James Dorr” or “James S. Dorr” or stories by title, you might get more than you really want since all keywords are searched for (e.g. everyone with the name “James,” etc.).


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