“Vault” Open Mike Reading at September’s First Sunday Prose — Featured Spot Scheduled for October

It may have lasted a few seconds more than the three-minute limit we try to adhere to for open mike readings (cf. August 3), but the piece I read is one that’s unpublished this time (though being looked at by DAILY SCIENCE FICTION), an odd sort of vampire tale called “The Vault.”  I think of it as being existentialist in a NO EXIT-y kind of way (or maybe more Henri le Chat on Youtube — for which, if you’re unfamiliar with Henri, press here).  Perhaps others would prefer “pretentious.”  In any event, it went well enough.

Featured readers were MFA candidate Tia Clark, currently working on both a novel and a short story collection and reading an entry from the latter; recent poetry MFA Lisa Kwong who also coordinates the Writers Guild’s Fountain Square Poetry Series, with a fairytale about love poetry and office supplies that had itself begun as a poem; and Indiana University Writers’ Conference Associate Director and former Fiction Editor of the INDIANA REVIEW Trevor Mackesey with a story of dogs and floods on Chesapeake Bay.

Sponsored by the Bloomington Writers Guild at local bookstore Boxcar Books, these things are fun in general, literary pretensions aside — though I’m a show-off enough that I’ll always try to have something to read (memo to me, I need to write more 500-word flash pieces).  However next month I’m scheduled for one of the featured slots (see August 14) as part of the buildup to Halloween, as it were, so I’ll have a bit more time for reading then.

For more information on the Writers Guild as well as upcoming events, press here.


  1. You are so fortunate, Jim. Wish we had support here like you do, for readings. ALSO wishing you best with “The Vault” at DSF!

  2. Forgot to put in a “notify” check.

  3. Hi Marge, thanks for the good wishes re. DSF! The Bloomington Writers Guild has only been around a few years, set up to be a “town” version of the sort of literary community you might expect to find on campus, though as it worked out we’re apparently supplying a need, or at least another outlet for the university community as well. I can’t take any credit for it myself other than being a member from the start (I’d seen the announcement and so went to their organizing meeting without any great expectations at the time, though I continue to go to the business meetings so I’m inputting to it that way). And then I have “been available” to participate in the reading series that interest me (initially the Upstart Poets which was independent, started by university people, but took advantage of the WG email list which brought three of us into its core membership; then the 1st Sunday Prose group when it started up; then the Last Sunday Poets which has replaced Upstart Poets — not quite as freewheeling, but the founder of the UP got his degree and went on to New York). Also the three-times yearly “Fountain Square” poets (from the name of the downtown mall it meets in), which I read vampire poems at last October as a featured reader (no open mike at this one though), plus occasionally putting something in the newsletter, etc., but these are the services it supplies me as I see it. I am surprised myself that it’s been the success it has — but more power to it, as well as the people who do the real work!

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