Five Vampy Poems to Come Out November

They were just five little vamps looking for a place to stay.  Or something like that.  In any event these were five vampire poems I’d originally sent to DISTURBED DIGEST last October, and quickly got a reply that they were filled for the next issue or two and would I like to resend them to companion magazine BLOODBOND.  So I did, but these were confused times, and so the vamps languished.  They dropped off the radar.  Then finally, in June, came word from Assistant Editor Rachel Holt that BLOODBOND wished to accept all five.

But more complications ensued in that, in the meantime, I’d accidentally submitted one of the poems to a different market.  So I had to withdraw it, meaning that four would be in BLOODBOND (cf. June 25).  Except that later the fifth vamp came slinking home, so I emailed Rachel again offering it back — and so things lay for two more months.

But — Happy Ending! — late last night (we are talking about vampire poems, after all) an email came:  “I’m working on the layout for the November 2014 issue of BLOODBOND, the one in which five of your poems will be included, and I’m concerned that some of the line breaks got goofed up along the way (they were pasted in the email).”  Would I mind resending them again as an attachment?  And so, while it took a little time, I managed to find the original submission .RTF file, check them again against earlier printed out versions, and off they went again to their new home at, according to my printed out carbon, exactly midnight.

The five poems are (to give them their full titles):   “Entertain the Concept, or, A Vampire’s Dilemma,” “Sinister,” “The Vampire Muses,” “Valentine Vamp (‘And So to Bed’),” and “The Vampire’s Suggestion (Don’t Forget Breath Mints).”  Barring the unexpected, we should meet them all a month after Halloween.


  1. What great news! All your little vampires aligned (proverbially speaking) in a main poetry feature! Go, Jim!

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