A bit of breaking news about ZOMBIES GALORE (see August 20) courtesy of Chris Larsen’s EXLIBRISLARSEN blog.  The exhumation, as it were, is still on for Saturday, noon to 3 p.m., August 30 at Southcart Books in Walsall England, for which I must make my own excuses (I’m on a different side of the ocean for one thing, but also I’m doing a reading that day, cf. August 1), but for those who’ll be in the UK that weekend, Chris notes that Walsall is “just outside beautiful downtown Birmingham.”  Just a tad north I might add, according to my atlas, and should you be there please eat an extra cupcake* for me.  Chris also offers a short list of contents of sorts, to which one must append his own corpse in this charnel house, “Son of Anubis,” and says that the editor is T.M. McLean, not Theresa Derwen as I had thought, though she does have a story in the book.
“The Birthday Boy” by T. Fox Dunham
“Monday Matinee Madness” by H.G. Bleackley
“Cinnamon Road” by A.A. Garrison
“The Dripping Nose That Wouldn’t Wipe” by James S. Dorr
“Hungry” by Nichole Murphy
“Road Whore” by Timothy Frasier
“So They Aren’t Yankees” by Melanie Brown
“The Last Line of Defence” by Jeff Lawhead
“The Seven Habits of Highly Successful Zombie Slayers” by Patrick D’Orazio
“Zombie Death Day” by Johnny Andrews
“The Palace of Dead Rock Stars” by Theresa Derwin

He cautions, however, “[t]he above table of contents is not complete, or even in order.  It’s all so hush-hush, I’m surprised I can even get away with telling you, but I guess the government chooses its battles.  Now, if I were to tell you about the zombie measles, I’m sure the CDC would be all over me.”  To see if they are, or just to get it from Chris himself — plus comments as well as more becomes unearthed — press here.


* Or regular cake as the case may be, I assume brain-flavor.  Chris also adds, “[w]ith free cake, tea, and coffee to go with the interviews, readings, chats, it’s being billed as a mini-con, so if you’re in the Walsall area, you’d better go to this thing.”  Also, for coffee, see if you can hold out for French roast.


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